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Send an email. All fields with an *Early on, Ms. Hamrick, who started studying ballet as a child in Williamsburg, Va., danced prominent roles in “Apollo” and “Les Sylphides,” but gradually her debuts started to peter out. Ms. Hamrick said that Victor Barbee, the company’s former associate artistic director, used to tell her, “‘You’re just the best corps dancer we’ve ever had.’

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Matt Berninger featuring Phoebe Bridgers, ‘Walking on a String’Tiptoeing, then marching, then swelling, then pounding in double time through two chords, “Walking on a String” is, as Matt Berninger of the National notes at the end of the video clip, a “spider metaphor”: romance as a foredoomed meeting of predator and prey. But with Berninger’s low purr and Phoebe Bridgers’s knowing whisper, they do sound fond of each other, fatal or not. JON PARELES

7. Jared Leto, ‘Suicide Squad’ (2016)Phoenix certainly can’t do much worse than Leto. The Oscar-winning “Dallas Buyers Club” co-star’s run at the role was preceded by breathless reports of his Method-style madness throughout production — gifts of dead animals and used condoms, intimidation of crew members, only communicating in character, etc. — so the result was the wrong kind of shocking: Leto is barely present in the final cut, with only a handful of mercifully short scenes in which the actor cackles desperately, menaces frantically, preens embarrassingly and is generally about as scary as your average trick-or-treater. It’s a frustratingly shallow performance, in which the actor and his director focus on flashy surfaces (his comically on-the-nose tattoos include the words “Damaged” and “HAHAHAHA”) rather than plumbing the depths and darkness that made the Joker so memorable in the first place.

Reviewed by Mr. Wells in 2015: “Fresh or frozen, the margaritas have a slight chemical taste that I was thankful for because it tended to keep my own alcohol intake to near-Mormon levels.”

Russian conscripts posted in remote locations have in the past attacked other servicemen, often in response to brutal hazing, which is particularly severe against soldiers from ethnic minorities. The name of the suspect in the Trans-Baikal shooting suggested he could be a Tatar, a Turkic and mostly Muslim minority with a large presence along the Volga River in western Russia and also in Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula that Russia seized from Ukraine in 2014.

Mr. al-Baghdadi, the cunning and enigmatic black-clad leader of the Islamic State, transformed a flagging insurgency into a global terrorist network that drew tens of thousands of recruits from 100 countries.

In 1979, Fraenkel Gallery opened in San Francisco with an exhibition of Carleton E. Watkins’s series “Photographs of the Pacific Coast 1873.” The stunning mammoth-plate prints nodded to the recent past while embracing a medium that came into its own in the 20th century and anticipated its own future ubiquity. Since then, through one location change prompted by an earthquake — in 1991, in the aftermath of the Loma Prieto disaster, the gallery moved a block away to its current space at 49 Geary Street — Fraenkel’s exhibitions have often explored the work of photographers in relation to other modes of art: the paintings of Ad Reinhardt and Agnes Martin in conjunction with the photographs of Paul Strand and Edward Weston, for instance, or shows that incorporated works by John Cage, Edward Hopper and Vija Celmins.